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What to Wear When You Get Shot: Engagement Photos

It’s another Wedding Hint Wednesday today on the blog, and I’ll be proposing <pun!> a few ideas for the engagement session outfits. Brides ask me all the time what they should wear for their engagement sessions, and in a nutshell, the best answer I can give is “Whatever expresses your personality best.” Of course, that’s a very vague description, but my point is, don’t get stuck thinking that there’s an actual checklist somewhere judging you if you don’t hit all the marks. Spend some time discussing with your man what defines you as a couple. If you want to dig a little deeper, go to separate corners, take a couple sheets of paper, and write down ten words each that describe your fiance. You may be surprised to see what your lovely writes about you, and it may help guide you in your outfit (and your backdrop) selection!

All that deep, philosophical “feelings stuff” aside, here are a few definite winners for an engagement session look. Remember, as always, none of my rules are RULES. The best things happen when you stay true to your own style!

1. DON’T match. The white t-shirts and jeans look can be reserved for the obligatory beach family photo, and only that. Matching your fiancé for the photos was, like, totally rad in the 90’s, but photography has come a long way since then, and our clothes have, too!

INSTEAD…Complement. Have a solid green tee you love? Find a button-down red plaid shirt for him. Red and green look great together in photos, and not just at Christmas! Other color combos that will make you drool are Blues & Whites, Purples & Reds, Yellow & Greys. Maybe try to stay away from Orange with Red, or other clashing shades of a similar color.

QUICK TIP: If you have a patterned top or dress, find the color that’s in that pattern the least and have him wear that color.

2. DON’T wear logos. I’m not talking about a tiny Nike check, but if either of you is wearing something with large writing on it, like a sports team T-shirt, it can be very distracting in a photo. Another problem is that your head, arm, etc. may cover part of the word during a shot and cause confusion, and even some unlucky profanity if your photographer isn’t careful! Nobody wants that on a Save the Date.

INSTEAD…wear solids and/or patterns. Don’t be afraid to be trendy in your engagement photos ensemble. Stripes with polka dots in this year? Go for it. And we all remember the chevron obsession. Mint and coral ring any bells? Who cares if it won’t be in style forever. These photos are capturing who you are TODAY, and your whole style, classic or trendy, should be captured along with your love. Patterns create texture in a photo, and solids can be extremely flattering when worn wisely.

QUICK TIP: Tons of online clothing stores have free live consultants to chat with while you shop. Tell them you need a whole outfit that will look great in photos, and see what they can come up with for you—You never know!

3. DON’T over-accessorize. <Disclaimer*Unless that’s totally how you roll, every day. Then go for it.> While a great statement necklace, or a collection of stacking rings can go a long way, you don’t want to go so nuts with it all that the jewelry ends up wearing you. Be easy, be you!

INSTEAD…Focus on a few small details. Handpieces <Bracelet rings, hand-ring—it has many names> are gorgeous, airy, and catch light in really beautiful ways! If bohemian’s not your thing, then go with a strong bangle or chunky necklace to amp up your look. Less is <usually> more in this case.

QUICK TIP: Anthropologie, Free People, and Etsy are just a few of the many great places to find some awesomely unique pieces!

Still feel lost? COMMUNICATE with your fiancé and your photographer on specific activities that you and he love to do together. Are you Netflix junkies? How cute would a “movie night and pajamas” engagement session be?! Love cooking together or walking the dog? Use these “points of interest” as the main theme in your session. Cool, Pinterest-worthy photos await you! Speaking of which, check out this Pinterest Board for more What to Wear ideas!

With joy, Lizard.

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