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Favorite Trends of 2014

Happy New Year, everyone!! Engagement season is upon us, and with my wedding year almost entirely booked already (thank you, brides!), it had me reflecting on a few wedding trends from 2014 that I’d LOVE to see stick around. Here are just a few faves for you to sink your teeth into:

1. Naked Cakes.

This is not scandalous, despite the name. I love how these cakes are so unique and bare, and yet can give off an incredibly formal vibe. The first naked cake I photographed was actually in 2013, but the trend really picked up last year, and I’m loving it!

2. Pies in lieu of  a wedding cake.

Wedding cakes and naked cakes not your thing? For a while, brides were forgoing the wedding cake for cupcakes (Same concept, but less expensive!). In 2014, I saw less and less cupcakes, and way more pie tables or dessert tables instead. And, if I have to be honest, if I were a guest at a wedding, I think I’d actually prefer dessert options to the standard wedding cake anyhow. In fact, I shot a wedding back in May that served only pie—FORTY-SEVEN pies! No one was complaining, as you can imagine.

3. Boho Glam

My FAVORITE. The bohemian wedding gown. While “vintage” is still a trend-topper, the Bohemian style movement is making waves in the wedding world, too. Check out this recent bride’s bohemian-glamorous look in a simple yet BREATHTAKING gown from Etsy. Another great boho wedding resource? Daughters of Simone—Trust me. Much google-worthy there. 2015, I am ready for a total bohemian overhaul of the wedding trends! Floral crowns, flowy gowns, dreadlock do’s (ok, that last one is maybe not for everyone)—bring it on!

4. Daddy-Daughter First Looks

While the first look with your hubby-to-be makes for an incredibly romantic and intimate photo session, a short first look with Daddy can be just as sweet and powerful. The bride’s moments with her dad can sometimes get overlooked by wedding photographers, but in my opinion those photos end up being major keepers!

5. Threshold Sessions

I really, REALLY want this trend to take off. At one of my 2014 weddings, the couple had me follow them to their hotel after leaving their reception for what I dubbed a “threshold session.” We just did a few quick snaps of the incredibly happy couple after all the hoop-lah was finished and it was just the two of them again. Caleb carried his bride across the threshold, officially marking the end of the big day! The photos turned out super adorable, and who else has photos of such a special moment?

I hope you love the photos, and here’s to a full year of weddings, love, and more awesome trends!

With joy, Lizard.


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