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I don’t post much (if anything) here about my own personal life–I tend to keep it all strictly wedding or business related. This news, however, is just too happy and exciting to keep from sharing! My sweet little Haddie Mae is all grown up and is going to be a BIG SISTER! I am currently about 6 weeks preggers, MUCH more sick than I was with Hadelyn, and extremely happy! I am also way determined to have a fit pregnancy this time around, unlike my first one. I have a trainer, a terrific hubsy to keep me accountable, and a toddler that will surely be taking advantage of any weaknesses I let show! I’ve had several people express genuine and heartfelt concern that I’m sharing my news so early, but here’s the thing: I’m not exactly what you’d call a “private person” (understatement). If I’m happy, you’ll know. If I’m sad, you’ll know. And if I have big news like getting engaged, pregnant, or traveling to somewhere exciting–well, I just can’t stand to keep it in! Hope you love these couple photos we took today to announce our big news! With JOY! Lizard

poncho, skirt: Anthropologie

preggers t-shirt: Etsy shop, Strong Confident You

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Hello!! To continue the “alternative” theme, I have gathered five of my current favorites when it comes to destination weddings. I love a gorgeous Hawaii wedding, but if you’re looking for something more unique to you and your spouse, below are some pretty sweet ideas. Enjoy and Explore!

1. Did you know that you can have your ceremony at Tintern Abbey?!! I assumed it was a no-go until I visited and asked in person. They obviously can’t allow receptions there because of the delicate state that the ruins are in, but can you imagine a more gorgeous setting for a destination wedding? Oh, and by the way, the drive in is absolutely stunning, and you’re near SO many B&B’s and restaurants, not to mention florists and caterers. You’re also surrounded by hilly Wales scenery (which is unbeatable), so you could easily have your reception outdoors. (May want to consider renting a tent in case of rain–The grass is that green for a reason!)

2. Yearning for a destination wedding, but don’t want to leave the country? You need to know about Mackinac Island, if you don’t already! The Grand Hotel there is incredible, and provides you with the most perfect upscale venue! Not only is it gorgeous, but the whole island is extremely preserved–no cars are even allowed on the island, making it the perfect quiet getaway for such a special occasion. You and your guests can have the ceremony, reception, and accommodations all in one place, which is fantastic when you’re in an area unfamiliar to you!

3. The Peterson House in Pokolbin NSW (Australia) is a fantastic urban twist on a winery venue. Whether you drink or not, this backdrop is modern and sleek, but also allows for some awesome photos in the vineyard surrounded by gorgeous green vines! With just a 2 hour drive to Sydney, your guests will have PLENTY to do to make a whole vacation out of it, and you’ll have a myriad of honeymoon destinations available just at your fingertips.

4. While we’re over in that direction, let’s take a look at the Tarureka Estate in New Zealand. For a cool-toned twist on a barn wedding, this is your place! Not only can you have the wedding there, but the property can accommodate several guests as well! Also…c’mon. You’re in New Zealand. It’s not like you’ll have to search for amazing backdrops.

5. Camp Tapawingo in Toronto, Canada–look no further for a unique venue. Their website is not the most enticing, so I’ll leave you with a link to Wedding Bells, who published a wedding that took place at the venue.  This would be especially great for a couple who is all about the outdoors. Plus, Canada is so accessible from the US, you may have more luck with friends and relatives who are able to join you on your big day!(See the publication here)

I hope this helps! I sure had fun putting it all together


With joy, Lizard.

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*Note: You may notice that I’m not posting here as often as I have in the past. Follow me on Instagram @LizardNickelPhotography to see posts more frequently


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Gantenbein!! This gorgeous bride married her Mister yesterday, and the whole celebration was full of love, support, and of course GORGEOUS details. I can’t wait to post images from the big day, but until then I am so happy to finally share Jordan’s bridal session from Phoenix, Arizona! You can view the whole gallery at until December 1, 2015. Enjoy! And remember to follow me on Instagram @LizardNickelPhotography

With joy, Lizard.


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I’m so happy to share these photos today! Andrea and Brian were wed last month, and their wedding was absolutely just FULL of happiness. You may remember these two from their engagement session, or Andrea’s bridal session. I was so honored to have my small role in the whole thing, and I have no doubt at all that these two have a lifetime of happy years ahead of them. Not only are the McDermetts two of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, but Andrea was seriously the most laid-back bride I’ve ever had—She did such an excellent job of focusing on more than just the wedding day. Andrea never seemed to get too caught up in the craziness that is planning a wedding, and she always had her focus on Brian and their marriage. The portions of the wedding day that didn’t feel important to the couple were skipped, allowing them to focus on the details that WERE important to them. I just love it when brides are true to themselves, and don’t worry too much about following all the wedding “rules.” They even let me know of a few “typical” wedding photos that they didn’t feel were needed, which allowed them more photos of actual people in attendance and special moments. (Tangent: Another example demonstrating the importance of communication with your photographer! Good job, McDermetts!) It was a very special event to capture, and I hope that these photos are passed down for many generations to come! Enjoy! (P.S. Is anyone else 100% in LOVE with the centerpieces?! Simple, easy, and a GORGEOUS way to add some color to your venue!)

To view the entire gallery of images until August 1st, visit

Ceremony: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church

Reception: The Horseshoe Arena

With joy, Lizard.



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